Win more business opportunities with our TPM approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Total Prospect Management (TPM) approach drives above market growth in B2B, ensuring our clients get in front of their prospects in the early stages of their buying process – getting ahead of their competitors, feeding sales pipelines, and driving high-value new business opportunities.

This unique and agile approach enables us to flex sales and marketing activity around prospects’ needs, from initial contact to contract win – turning suspects into prospects and prospects into new business opportunities.

With more buyers and influencers involved in complex B2B purchases than ever before, identifying and understanding the senior decision-makers of the buyers grid is an absolute must.


Through indepth market discovery, we profile your suspect organisations to identify the key influencers and decision-makers and map the buying group dynamic. This enables us to target the right people at the right timeBy understanding their needs, wants and pain points, we are better placed to position your solution to solve them, and unlock the buying group 


It’s not enough to just assume we’ve found the right individuals, though.  People have all kinds of job titles – just because they’re CEOs or VPs, doesn’t mean they’re the ones making all the decisions.  We reach out to ensure we’ve discovered who all the key decision-makers are, and how they interact within the buying group.

With a bespoke programme of activity, we then develop and shape custom sales and marketing messages that resonate with your prospects.  Using our advanced engagement measurement tools, we’re able to effectively predict future buying behaviours, driving more business opportunities into, and through, your sales funnel. 

Making the right sales interventions at the right time

We use our omnichannel sales signals and granular prospect intelligence to measure engagement right across the buyers grid. With our fingers firmly on the pulse of sales signals from all channels, we match them against granular prospect intelligence. Every day our skilled Business Development Managers interpret these data flows to identify buying intent and the optimal time to reach out to have formative sales conversations with the right decision makers.


We generate highly qualified sales appointments with senior decision-makers at the right time in their buying cycle – the early stages of their buying process.


Our clients convert 20-30% of Total Prospect Management (TPM) generated sales appointments into actual sales.

With TPM, you can:

Uncover more business opportunities early in the sales cycle 

Increase revenue, margin, and wallet share 

Inform bid/ no bid decisions 

Increase sales and marketing ROI 

Accelerate customer buying cycles 

Our teams are highly skilled and trained to deliver the components of Total Prospect Management across their respective disciplines:

  • navigating & succeeding in complex markets
  • selling across multiple verticals & channels
  • brand advocacy
  • inside sales roles
  • articulating complex business propositions
  • network growth
  • social intelligence
  • social listening
  • LinkedIn Sales Training
  • social engagement
  • reporting & strategic analysis
  • web design & relaunch
  • microsite creation
  • image sourcing
  • graphic design
  • video editing & creation
  • copy writing
  • blogging
  • newsletter creation
  • html emails
  • LinkedIn ads
  • articles
  • keyword-rich web copy
  • content engagement analysis tools that enable BDs to focus their activity on MQLs
  • marketing automation
  • business Intelligence, analytics & performance
  • content marketing
  • content analytics & performance
  • SEO services
  • eCommerce
  • Google advertising (search and video)
  • video production and marketing
  • podcasting
  • paid social advertising
  • data management
  • data sourcing & refining
  • OMNIA® set up & maintenance