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22nd June 2012

Why regular telemarketing probably won’t work

When we started Broadley Speaking we did not set out to build a telemarketing company.

Controversial I appreciate, but the link below goes some way to explain why if you have a b2b brand , product or service you value why you might want to think twice about putting it in the hands of a regular telemarketing call centre.

What do we mean by call centre ? – with a little tip of the hat to Airplane!- it’s a big building , with lots of people and lots of telephones and computer system that runs them very “efficiently”    – basically, if it looks and feels like its a call centre , its a call centre.

It comes down to culture – such places prize above all else “operational efficiency” – a fine value proposition for any business. But perhaps not of you are expecting them to be professional sales advocates for your product , service and brand

At Broadley Speaking we take operational efficiency as a given – what we prize is “customer affinity” , both in regards to the way we work with our customers and with our customers’ customers – your prospects.

We have created a unique environment in which our team ( your team in fact) are given the space and time , and empowered to think and drive your new business and passion comes as standard…………………..enough said


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