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What’s an iceberg got to do with new business development?

new business development as an icebergBroadley Speaking specialises in new business development across the b2b sector. We work closely with our clients in order to drive sales through pipelines to culminate in significant new revenue streams.

Over nearly 17 years of new business development work not only have we generated many,many millions of pounds of sales for our clients but we have found quite a few interesting ways to describe what we do to make this sales magic happen. However, one of our long term clients surprised us with a new definition of our type of work last night.

We have worked with our client for nearly two years helping him achieve his new business development goals; he runs a small team across the UK and is busy selling, installing new kit and providing service. Therefore, it was really difficult to focus on generating new leads from scratch.

They had tried exhibitions, email marketing and even regular “telemarketing”. None had worked. It had been expensive – and that wasn’t including the missed opportunity costs.

Our B2B new business development service

Phil was recommended to talk to Broadley Speaking about our outsourced new business development service. ( Thanks again Protel Associates!). Phil came to meet us but it was hardly a local call. He lives and works in Chester and we are in Tavistock; a round trip of 10 hours and almost 600 miles. If you want to think about it another way he probably drove past many thousands of regular “telemarketing” companies to beat a path to our door.

Phil was down again yesterday to chat through the past years activities, opportunities generated and won and pending. Phil in his usual calm and quite quiet manner said:

” The thing that I have begun to understand about the type of new business development techniques you use…..it’s just like an iceberg. I always thought it was all about the calling but that’s almost the least of it . Like an iceberg there’s far more going on unseen that informs the calling and the new business development programme than anyone would ever imagine “

Creating the right mix

It’s true to say we pack a lot in to our new business development programmes for clients: market and sector analysis, corporate and business unit mapping, buyer and specifier profiling and that’s just the research ! We then work out the mix of ways we can create, among the right mix of decision makers and influencers, awareness, influence and sales opportunities.

It’s fair to say the majority of our interventions involve using the telephone – simply if you are going to sell quite complex, high value products and services to senior people, then history tells us having an intelligent conversation about it doesn’t half work well.

We also support our clients designing and building new websites, newsletters, direct mail, social media content and management and database profiling and building.

Talk to us and we can probably help you achieve your new business development goals. We’ll give you a straight assessment and honest feedback. We haven’t got a big call centre to “feed” , so we’re not going to just tell you anything to win your work. We’ve got better things to do with our time, and you with your money. If it’s not right for us and our style of work we’ll tell you early on.

Give us a call and we’ll explain in more detail why Phil makes his 600 mile round trips to use our intelligent sales approach to new business development.

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