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What we learned at B2B Marketing Expo



We have just come back from B2B Marketing and Sales Innovation Expo. In the two days we spoke to dozens of decision-makers from businesses all over the world, we asked and answered questions and gave a talk to a packed theatre about the challenges that businesses face trying to sell their goods and services to senior decision-makers in the 21st century.

As a result, we have come away invigorated and even more convinced of our ideas and the value of our approach.

Here are a few of the main talking points which we have discussed with our stand visitors and during the seminar.

  • Aligning Sales and Marketing teams is still difficult.

Many organisations -even some very large ones- still have a gap between their sales and marketing teams; not only in the way they work but also in their view of what a good lead is. If Sales and Marketing teams do not tell each other what they really need, this results in poor lead qualification, loss of good business opportunities and waste of time.

  • Not knowing how to engage the right decision makers in a conversation.

Very often, even when leads are perfectly qualified, it remains almost impossible to engage them in an effective conversation; this requires specific skills and cannot be improvised. You either build the right skillset in-house, or you should outsource the service. Here are a few guidelines on outsourcing marketing and sales.



  • CRM implementations.

A lot of companies are using CRM’s which have been implemented in the wrong way; this makes it hard for their own sales people to use them and does not give the company total control over their own sales pipeline, resulting in an incorrect view of the buying journey and, again, loss of good business opportunities. Watch this video to understand why many CRM implementations fail.

  • Lack of integration through marketing channels.

One of the problems of digital marketing is abundance: there are a multitude of traditional and digital channels (social media, social selling, search engines, web advertising, websites, e-mails, telephones, videos, podcasts, newsletters….to mention just a few). Many companies understand they need to communicate through channels but are not sure what the best channels are for their purposes and how to integrate them.

  • Lead Generation is dead

The reality is that most markets are finite and there are very few new entries. However, change is constant within organisations and you should concentrate on understanding the change and turning it into profitable new business opportunities. You don’t need more leads; you need control of your customer base, which reduces churn, allows cross-selling and up-selling and blocks competitor opportunity.

  • Total Prospect Management is the answer to all the problems above.

We already knew this, but it was great to see it confirmed during all our conversations: Total Prospect Management is the answer. TPM is our approach; it is a very successful method which gives you complete control over your prospect universe, aligns Sales and Marketing and integrates all traditional and digital channels to put your prospects at the centre of a perfectly tailored communication strategy. It is a system we use for our clients all over the world and is creating sales opportunities worth millions.

If you would like discuss Total Prospect Management with us and discover how it can help your sales strategy, send us an e-mail or call us on +44 (0)1822 618537.


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