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What is the Price of Experience? Telesales Success Driven by Experience


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Look out for experience for telesales and telemarketing success

We take on an average of six new business enquiries a day; from SEO, PPC and most commonly through personal recommendation (from one happy client to a future prospect). It seems to us that many enquirers quickly can get in to deep water buying what is generally termed telesales

Think just for a minute …. if you were buying on the page advertising you would make a candidate media list, crunch the sales pitch and audited demographics for each journal on the list, understand the differences between each journal, work out which candidates best meet your own target audience, look at the editorial fit, makes some price comparisons based on this research and then choose the ones that meet your needs and buy accordingly. You wouldn’t pick a handful at random that roughly meet your criteria and put your ads in the ones that are cheapest right?

So how do buyers of telesales make their decisions for this extraordinarily crucial service? Its fair to say some are old hands but a great, great many don’t seem to have thought long and hard even about their selection criteria.

Hold that thought just for second …. you are going to get an individual or group of people you have never met before to be the eyes, ears and voice of your company and its brand(s) …. and they are going to be the folk that help you meet your sales objectives?

So .. selection criteria ….well you start to look at the websites that pop up when you Google telesales or  “telemarketing”. Look good? Read well? Isn’t it amazing how many blonde young women, who use telephone headsets, work in this industry?? Isn’t it even more amazing how many logos of happy customers they have on their site??? All look good – don’t the words sound good and remarkably similar? Yes remarkably similar! Whilst we are happy to accept imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we have seen whole chunks of our web site material pretty much cut and pasted into a new entrants new sparkly web site. We even have one instance of our entire, old, web site being hijacked and used wholesale (only changing the name at the top) by a US start up! We all know you can make web sights look great but open the bonnet and see whats underneath! It is quite easy to spoof most things online – whats difficult to spoof …………real, hard won, business to business telesales experience.

Ask the questions and LISTEN closely to the answers. Ask what the company was doing ten years ago, eight years ago, six years ago…..did it even exist? When it says it has a track record what EXACTLY do they mean? Talk to the people who run the company, what were they doing 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years ago?? Their experience, style and know-how inform the culture of the organisation – ask the question. If they have to seek out a teenage car wash round as vital business experience that will help you meet your sales goals – good luck to ’em (seriously that one is true).

At Broadley Speaking you are investing a vast array of relevant, hard won telesales experience. The senior management team alone have over 100 years of sales experience (there’s only four of us!). My own experience covers high level b2b sales, selling across four continents, too many countries to mention and across many, many market sectors. Whilst I also had a paper round in my youth, personally, I believe a 28 year record of selling at board level is probably going to be more useful to you in achieving your goals. Apply the same notion to the people that will be making the calls – ask about their CV’s. Whilst we have nothing against youthful exuberance, youth does not have the monopoly on energy and exuberance but, almost by definition, experience only comes with age. Combine the two and bingo you are away!

So what price “experience” ? In our view and the view of our clients almost priceless. We most certainley aren’t the cheapest you will find and we almost certainly won’t be matching the cheapest quote you get online (you will find many a “premium” service whose prices fall quicker than you can keep track of if you give them a push). We have had “competitors” who in the space of hours drop their rates to keep their call centres busy. This happened only last month – what happened? The client went with Broadley Speaking at a higher rate – why? when the other candidiate were pinned own on their “wealth of experience”, the client twigged they had only been trading for four years and couldn’t possibly support their claims.

When purchasing “telemarketing” or telesales  – think experience, experience, experience – it does have a price but one on almost every occasion it’s one well worth paying.

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