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Welcome to Broadley Speaking Sales Academy; this page contains links to our Videos and Podcasts and will feature many other B2B sales resources

Videos and Podcasts are becoming an ever present part of any successful marketing and sales strategy; they give businesses an opportunity to inspire, evoke emotions and connect to their audiences in a more immediate way.

What to expect from our B2B sales resources.

Broadley Speaking’ s  free B2B sales resources are created by sales professionals for sales professionals to provide you with training, insights and actionable advice derived from our long experience.

 We have been in your place many times before, we know the challenges you face day by day and we will talk about you. Our videos and podcasts will cover a range of business topics from how to make sure you are speaking to the right buyers or how to handle objections – just to name a few, but the main feature will be a full B2B sales training course whose first episode has just gone live.

 Soon, you will be able to find other B2B sales resources,in this page, like case studies and practical guides.

Take a look below at what we’ve currently created and make sure to keep an eye on this page to see when our new content is released.

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