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Introducing an Independent Label into the UK Fashion Scene: Via Masini 80.


Girl wearing Via Masini trousers


L.Pucci has designed women’s trousers for nearly 50 years since Lorenzo and Bruno Pucci created the company in 1972. The second and third generation are now running the business from the Castelfiorentino HQ in the picturesque hills of Tuscany; in the meantime, L.Pucci has built a reputation for quality and style in many countries.

In October 2017, L.Pucci decided to expand their sales operations to the UK and asked Broadley Speaking to help them; we visited L.Pucci twice for workshops and to prepare a strategy to become operative as soon as possible. All the leadership team at L.Pucci immediately appreciated our method and became fully supportive; our strategy and KPI’s were clear from the start, we chose marketing material and messages, and segmented the market. The objectives became clear almost immediately. L.Pucci market their creations under two labels: Via Masini and LP. We decided to target high-end retailers and e-retailers with Via Masini, while approaching agents to introduce the more affordable LP to independent boutiques.

The quality of L.Pucci products, the great story they can tell and Broadley Speaking’s Total Prospect Management method soon produced results: after only five months Via Masini trousers began to be sold online and in-store by Wolf and Badger, arguably one of the best outlets to promote independent brands in the world with shops in London and NY, and an e-commerce website with around 200,000 subscribers.

Not just lead generation.

The project is an ambitious one. L.Pucci and Broadley Speaking know the branding game well and they know Via Masini needs to raise its profile, if it is to make it in the UK. This is why they are organising two launch events in the Notting Hill Wolf and Badger store, in July and September; the events will feature in social networks and in some of the main Wolf and Badger media partners like Time Out, Marie Claire and The Telegraph. Buyers from the main London boutiques will be invited, as well as private customers.  It is a big Marketing and PR effort which Broadley Speaking will co-ordinate; a real example of Total Prospect Management to bring solid and sustainable growth to a client.


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