Understanding buying intent will boost the power of B2B marketing

The Power of Understanding

The Power of Understanding. Why Marketers Must Understand the Triggers Behind Buying Behaviour

B2B marketing: the power of understanding

Successful marketers realise the value of getting inside buyers’ heads and understanding what makes them engage.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can understand buying triggers and how this knowledge will empower you to create great B2B marketing campaigns, build stronger relationships and stay ahead of the competition.

How can you identify “buying triggers”?
What makes your prospects want to buy something now? What influences their buying decisions? What can change their mind? Why are they finding your messages interesting…or not?

If you knew all this, you could customise your messages and launch extraordinary campaigns that would truly resonate with your target audience, boost conversion rates and drive business success.

But how can you achieve this?

Measure what matters: a content analysis.
Traditionally, the success of a B2C or B2B marketing campaign is measured against KPIs. These are of course valuable, but they can quickly turn into vanity metrics: saying that a campaign is outperforming your KPIs is great information about the campaign, but it doesn’t tell you much about what your prospects like or what messages really strike a chord. A rigorous content analysis can help you understand that.

Your prospects do not engage with your post in a vacuum: they engage with specific messages in your marketing content; so analysing content performance is the best way to understand the real trigger behind the “click” and fine-tune your future campaigns to make them more and more relevant to YOUR PROSPECTS.

Using content analysis to predict buying behaviour.
Buying behaviour is always changing, and it is wrong to assume that marketers cannot influence decisions. Our experience tells us that many buyers do not have a well-established idea of what solution they are looking for; they start their journey from a pain point and are open to be influenced during their journey.

Many buyers do not have a well-established idea of what solution they are looking for and are open to be influenced during their journey.

When you set up your analytics system, make sure it can be used to perform a content analysis so that you can understand what messages, formats, and visuals your prospects prefer to engage with. Armed with that knowledge, you will be able to reach out to your prospects saying the right things at the right time and in the right way, tapping into the psychological and emotional factors of their decision-making. This type of analysis will not only allow you to influence buyers, but also give you the ability to spot trends before they even hit the scene and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Facilitating buying journeys and Building bonds
Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, including the one between marketers and buyers. By understanding buying triggers, marketers can establish genuine connections that foster brand loyalty and cultivate long-term relationships. Moreover, when buyers feel understood and valued, they are more likely to become brand advocates and ambassadors.

At Broadley Speaking, we recognise the transformative impact of understanding buying behaviour, and are dedicated to helping our clients harness this knowledge to its fullest potential. Leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies, we gather and analyse buying behaviour to provide you with actionable insights.

From crafting personalised messages produced by our team of experienced content managers, to optimising marketing budgets and predicting market shifts, our data-driven approach enables you to stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver smooth buying journeys to your prospects.

In addition, we place a strong emphasis on ethical marketing practices, and we respect buyers’ privacy, ensuring that your brand is viewed positively and that it fosters trust among your prospects.

Partner with Broadley Speaking to unlock the power of buying behaviour and elevate your B2B marketing efforts to new heights.

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