Transatlantic telemarketing - they make the strings, we play the music


Transatlantic telemarketing – they make the strings, we play the music

transatlantic telemarketing for Cremona Fiere the Worlds leading violin expo
At Broadley Speaking we do our fair share of transatlantic projects – both selling UK products into the US and helping US companies enter the UK and European markets. However the Mondomusica project represents a whole new ball game !

Mondomusica New York is a new exhibition where violin making tradition, world leading contemporary instrument makers and business opportunities meet. It’s an exclusive gathering point for both professional and amateur musicians to identify the “perfect musical instrument” within a one of a kind exhibit by the World’s best violin makers.

The exhibition was launched by CremonaFiere, the organiser of Cremona Mondomusica the international exhibition of hand crafted musical instruments – simply the number 1 event of its kind in the World.

The show opens its doors on March 15th 2013 and with 60% of space already sold the organisers need an extra sales push to maximise the exhibition stand sales and sponsorship around the event. This involves calling potential US exhibitors and sponsors to get them to invest both time and money in this launch event. Cremona Mondomusica, a World renowned brand investing in launching a new event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York chose Broadley Speaking as their partner for this critical project.

Why Broadley Speaking ?
To protect and enhance their brand………

Mondomusica New York is a signature event for the classical instrument sector , it derives from the World’s number one musical event brand.

It’ s “not just another exhibition” so they required “not just another telemarketing company” to sell it. One that they could trust would provide results whilst protecting and enhancing their brand. This is what we do , day in, day out for all our clients. It’s why we have our own international reputation and it’s why Marco Barozzi in Cremona picked up the ‘phone to Broadley Speaking in the UK.

To evoke the sense of the event and enthuse their audience…….

The content of Mondomusica is truly World Class some of the Worlds finest instruments , together with the Worlds leading musicians in New York’s finest venues. Take a look at what’s on at the event

They needed a team that had the verbal dexterity and vocabulary to instil passion into their potential buyers – the stringed instrument aficionados of America.

They are in a market that values experience above all……….

Cremona is the World centre of violin craftsmanship – a city full of luthiers from apprentices to master makers. People travel from across the World to marvel at their art. However it takes at least 45 years for a luthier to be taken seriously and experts can tell by the look, feel and tone of any instrument which craftsman has made it. So whilst it’s possible to get a mass produced instrument everyone knows to get the very best result find the people with World class skills and years of experience ………now go back to your Google search for a telemarketing and telesales company and apply the same rules!

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