The importance of training in telemarketing,telesales and lead generation


22nd November 2011

The importance of training in telemarketing,telesales and lead generation

Professional training for telemarketing, telesales and lead generation teams has never been more important.

Interesting meeting with man from the government responsible for workplace education last Friday. He works with just about every training supplier in the South West. Having visited our business, seen our team in action and looked  through our training programmes …..his assessment ? “There is no company in the South West that can provide you with sales and marketing training for the level your team is working at ” !

If we say so ourselves probably true. It’s why our leaders provide sales training for FTSE 100 companies. It’s our in investment in our team that has built one of the hardest hitting, high impact sales teams available. It’s also why we get trusted by some of the UK’s top businesses to generate  their highest value sales opportunities.

We will happily share this skill and experience with you , and, if appropriate apply both in helping you generate new business – from scratch. The sales skills we use in our high level telemarketing, telesales and lead generation are of recognised international standard and we train our clients using workshop type environments.

Call us on 0800 988 7253 and we’ll talk you through some case studies – all under a year old – of how we take a 25p data record and through the intelligent use of market information, telemarketing and telesales we turn them into live new business opportunities measured in their millions of pounds.

Call us and ask us how!