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WITY invented in 1985 – drives Total Prospect Management

Total Prospect management born in 1985

Ok here’s a museum piece that frames our approach to Total Prospect Management

Although there’s much about 21st century sales and new business development that is attributed to new technology, at the heart of  it is good old fashioned, solid, professional sales techniques that drive Total Prospect Management.

Anyone recognise the power dressing 80’s woman in the photograph?

Even more interesting is the the third paragraph down:

” You are selling an idea which you have you to bring alive for people by understanding what’s important to them

The same still applies 32 years later !

On behalf of our clients we work out the WITY of their prospects to drive new business development and their sales pipelines

The blending of tried and tested (over many decades!) of professional sales and brand advocacy with every modern technique available to listen and communicate with prospects drives state of the art new business development programmes.

Nominated as “best in class” by FTSE top 50 businesses our delivery of  Total Prospect Management drives new business development, demand generation and long term sales pipelines , second to none.

Our Total Prospect Management is the combination of well honed professional sales skills with all the smartness modern technology provides. On a daily basis we drive multi-million pound sales opportunities for our clients.

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