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To win new business your business silos should burn to the ground

We’ve seen some pretty panicked B2B marketers over the last year. It’s been a tough year for everyone, but particularly tough for those responsible for filling the top of funnels with new “leads” for their sales teams looking to win high value new business.

Stripped of sometime productive channels like exhibitions and conferences and leaning in to “new” digital channels in order to keep the bucket of leads full. The feedback from sales remain the same – ‘ these leads are useless’. It’s a well documented fact – 99% of marketing qualified leads won’t end in a revenue win.(Forrester Research 2017) 

Now with glass walled offices empty, expense account lunches with agencies a no-no, even die hard old skool marketers wearying of ‘tone of voice’ meetings across Zoom, rounds of yaks milk dirty Frappuccino’s replaced with a cafetiere for one in the kitchen. Times are tough for B2B marketers. 

In many cases the response is unedifying. Rather than smashing down walls between marketing ‘professionals’ and sales ‘teams’ in order to take a unified approach to generating revenue, there’s plenty of examples of afeared marketers building even higher walls and reinforcing their silos – in the misplaced notion that this is the way they will maintain control.

We’re firmly of the view that the value of marketing is defined by sales – and many are cottoning on.

Over the last decade our Total Prospect Management (TPM) approach has revolutionised how businesses view the way marketing and sales work together. TPM isn’t marketing for marketers – it’s for everyone! It’s a proven method to win new business! There’s simply no room for traditional siloed behaviour. No use in marketers generating vast buckets of lead ‘herrings’ to throw over the wall to the ‘penguins’ in sales. 

Generating new revenue should be a common goal. We add a finely honed sales edge to highly focussed, prospect centric marketing regimes and instead of 99% wastage you’re looking at 1:3 conversion rate – ask us how! 

‘How’ may start with some open conversations about recalibrating your approach to the way marketing and sales work together in your business – ‘why’ starts with us showing you how our approach has generated tens of millions of pounds of new business for our clients. 

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