The video cameras are in Broadley Speaking HQ - Broadley Speaking


The video cameras are in Broadley Speaking HQ

video shoot of Broadley Speaking leaders in lead generation

The cameras were in Broadley Speaking HQ to capture the essence of our lead generation and new business development.

Yesterday we spent the day in workshops and training learning how best we use video for ourselves and our clients – great fun!

People ask us what makes us different – after all, if you Google lead generation, you will get the standard multi million responses. Seemingly, with choices from one person in their bedroom, to massive call centres all promising earth shattering results there is an apparent plethora of options.

Having been in the business of lead generation for 21 years now Broadley Speaking has a track record of consistent delivery but we also have developed a very firm view of how a “lead’ should be defined. Leads come in many shapes and forms – from a business card dropped into a draw at a trade show, a person downloading a white paper from your website, or a line of data on a newly acquired ‘qualified’  database. All of these may well be classed as ‘leads’ but not in our book! Broadley Speaking’s lead generation programmes deliver highly qualified introductions to buyers and specifiers with authority, specified needs, and intention to buy in an agreed timescale.

We specialise in B2B lead generation with a particular focus on more complex products and services. You can read more about it here

Alternatively give us a call on +44 (0)1822 618537 and talk to us about your specific lead generation and new business development challenges and we can see if our 21 years of experience can help you meet them

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