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The Perfect B2B Sales Call: Start to Finish.

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How to prepare and execute B2B sales calls (download our FREE Guide, here). 

There are multiple times in our life when we have to make a good first impression in a professional setting, be that over the phone or face to face.

If you’re trying to negotiate a contract for your company, you have to sell. If you’re trying to secure funding for your business, you have to sell. Trying to grow your business organically? Well guess what…you still have to sell! The list goes on and, as you can see, B2B sales is something that professionals go through more than they would like to admit.

What doesn’t get discussed, however, is how to actually get the most from these negotiations. So it’s a weird catch 22. B2B calling is more common in the business world than most people realise…yet it still remains a bit of black art; how do you actually…you know…do it? To make things worse, it seems that no one discusses, in simple straightforward language, how to undertake a good B2B sales negotiation.

Long story short, it’s tough to know where to start!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the ultimate start-to-finish B2B sales call guide

There’s so much conflicting information and viewpoints online that it gets hard to determine what’s useful and what’s not! And even if it is useful, it’s usually a jargon filled article about 12 pages long with lots of information to wade through…

So, I thought I would take it upon myself to distil my 3 years of blood sweat and salesy tears into a straightforward guide that takes the jargon and unnecessary complexity out of sales training. It’s not everything related to B2B sales, but then that would defeat the purpose!

The guide is intended to be an intuitive infographic along with a more detailed set of slides which allows even non-experts to get a feel for how a high-level sales negotiation is conducted. The format is a funnel through which the prospect is taken downwards.

The guide starts with basic tips for preparation and mindset; then goes into questioning techniques used in B2B sales; it then moves on to something called a “gap analysis” which is a way of visualising how to create urgency within the negotiation. Finally, the guide describes how to sell the benefits of your product/service rather than features and, of course, how to close the deal!

The key takeaways of the guide are the active listening and questioning techniques as these allow you to discover more information and thus a far more effective selling process. It’s also the part that beginners to sales seem to struggle with most; asking questions can sometimes feel counter-intuitive when you’re trying to sell a product or service!

However, everyone’s situation is different so I’m sure there will be some interesting facts to discover.


Download the FREE Guide to the Perfect B2B sales Call.

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