Understanding your company's value discipline


The importance of understanding your value discipline – Ryanair’s O’Leary has it right!

Ryan Air understand their value discipline

Love ’em or hate ’em you can’t say Ryanair don’t have a grasp of the value discipline that is at the heart of their vision and strategy. We spend a good deal of time with clients thrashing out their value discipline strategy before we get anywhere near doing any direct marketing or telemarketing work.

Quite often this goes back to an examination of the work of Treacy & Wiersema and how their conclusions from their research on companies value disciplines might frame particular sales propositions. It’s a good fun session and regularly  provides a period of reflection and insight that makes a fundamental difference to their sales strategy.

Last week Hilary and I conducted a new business development workshop with a team from Prospects. In the session we talked about the importance of having a clear value proposition. When we were discussing “cost leadership” as a strategy we talked about Ryanair. Groans were heard at the mere mention of the Irish airline but we did point out that they lived and breathed their vision and strategy – and actually the success they had made of doing so.

Bang on cue here’s the airlines controversial boss, Michael O’ Leary on this mornings breakfast show on 5 Live doing a great job of (a) squeezing his value discipline until the pips squeak and (b) proving that “customer intimacy” is not it.

It’s a 3 minute video worth a watch – it’s worth a watch to see Michael in full flow, to see if Rachel Burden’s eyes could roll any higher and if Nicky Campbell will completely crack up laughing – click on the image for the link

Whilst you may not be running  an airline, talk to us about our work with developing clients sales strategies.

Give us a call on 0800 988 7253 – we guarantee you will get through quicker than to Ryanair’s customer complaints line !



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