Breaking into the EV market: how can you claim your share?

The EV and EVSE Market is in a Revolutionary State: This is how you can emerge as a winner

The EV and EVSE Market is in a Revolutionary State: This is how you can emerge as a winner

Breaking into EV market

The European market for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) is growing at an unprecedented, revolutionary, pace.

As more and more countries in Europe implement policies to reduce carbon emissions, the demand for EVs and EVSE is only going to increase.

However, with market growth comes intense competition, and once the EV revolution is complete, it will become clear which companies are the winners, and which are the losers.  So, to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly evolving market, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new opportunities.

It’s also important to note, that finding new business and creating the right partnerships is not just about creating new revenue now, but also about establishing your commercial cornerstones for the future.

Here’s what you need to do to win in the EV and EVSE markets in Europe:

Understand your market 
Although the EV market is dominated by major players, start-ups and smaller businesses are increasingly investing – and growing – in this sector. Governments around the world are also providing incentives to promote the adoption of EVs, which is further driving the growth of new players.  To expand your share of the market, it’s imperative to know where you fit, and who your competition is.

Identify New Prospects 
One of the most significant challenges in any market, but especially an emerging one, is identifying new prospects. With the EV and EVSE markets, this challenge is amplified by the rapid pace of change and the diverse range of players.  It means that many potential buyers can go undetected and remain on the peripheral of your pipeline, or be quickly approached and secured by competitors, removing them from the game entirely.

Engaging with Prospects Effectively 
Once you’ve identified new prospects, the next step is to engage with them effectively on the platforms they use. To better understand how to do this, read our article on Breaking Down Silos for Omnichannel Success. As competition is fierce in the EV and EVSE markets, prospects have many options to choose from, making effective engagement critical to new business success.  The winners of the EV revolution will be those who adopt a multi-moment approach to surround and influence buyers to conversion.

Winning New Business 
The goal of any sales and marketing effort is to win new business. In the EV and EVSE markets, winning new business not only requires a deep understanding of the sector and buyers, but also the ability to communicate your proposition in a way that converts interest into appointments.  Ultimately, it’s imperative to have a strategic approach to sales and marketing that includes tactical, multi-moment engagement and data-driven sales initiatives.

The bottom line 
The EV and EVSE markets in Europe are growing rapidly, and competition is becoming more intense. To succeed in this market, you need a partner who can help you stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new opportunities.

At Broadley Speaking, we use a data-driven, omnichannel approach to sales and marketing that allows us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and identify new opportunities.  We also have the expertise, experience, and proven track record to help you win and convert new business in this sector.

Their knowledge and understanding of the EV and EVSE markets, combined with their TPM approach, makes Broadley Speaking a ‘go to’ partner for companies looking to increase sales in the sector”

Paul Bullock, Chief Operating Office, Volex Europe 

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