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The Broad Sheet: B2B Sales Innovations.


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The 21st century B2B sales scenario is a very complex one with more and more decision makers and involved in any buying decision; all with their own buying motivations, barriers and communication styles. A decision may take months if not years.

How do you even begin to navigate such a maze? How do you find out what is important to your prospects? How do you turn a prospect into a retained client? Have you got a solid pipeline and do you know what it is worth?

Our newsletter this month is all about that; here is what you will find in it.

Win more, higher value new business with Total Prospect Management.

At Broadley Speaking with 21 years of experience in B2B sales, we have an approach called Total Prospect Management which answers all these questions and more. On March 27th and 28th we’ll be showcasing our approach at B2B marketing Expo 2019 in ExCel, London. We’ll be meeting clients and prospects at stand 2162 and we’ll give a talk with a rather provocative title: “Lead Generation is dead – Long live Total Prospect Management”. We will prove that Total Prospect Management drives new business opportunities, unites sales and marketing and maximises ROI; don’t miss the talk.

The Digital Marketing Suite.

Digital Marketing tools are more and more important if you want to align Sales and Marketing, which is one of the needs of 21st century sales. So what tools should you be using to build a formidable prospecting arsenal?

Business Development survey and checklist.

And finally, we wrap it all together with our new Business Development survey and checklist.  The survey is a powerful tool for you to check if your strategy is complete or if it is lacking something. Take ten minutes to fill the online survey and we will give you our free checklist which cover all aspect of B2B new business development.

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Broad Sheet February 2019

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