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The best of 2018 at Broadley Speaking.



2018 is bidding farewell amid Christmas lights and festive shop windows here in Tavistock, and what a year this has been for Broadley Speaking: the perfect year to celebrate our 21st birthday!

New clients, new countries, new sectors.

Our expertise has been sought by new clients from a range of business sectors and from all over the world. Our work with clients in the APAC region has grown to the point that we now have an in-house APAC team and, early in 2019, we’ll start sending team members to work in our client’s office in Australia in order to offer even more powerful support.

New people and skills.

We have added new people to our team and we have honed and enlarged our skillset to meet the demands of an ever-growing and changing marketplace. We know that a hard-working, highly-skilled team is the basis for any success and we will continue to invest in our people to make sure we always attract and retain the best talent.


In February we were recognised as official Zoho consulting and implementation partners. This was a defining moment for the future of this company and a reward for the hard work and skills that go into developing and running Omnia®, our bespoke Total Prospect Management system which runs on Zoho platform. Omnia® is the engine which makes our everyday work possible and empowers the sales and marketing operations of so many of our clients.

During this year, our relationship with Zoho has gone from strength to strength and now we have got many projects in the pipeline. On March 27th and 28th 2019 Broadley Speaking and Zoho will be exhibiting at the B2B marketing expo in London.

Videos and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are now a permanent addition to our communication strategies. They form our Sales Academy and are now hosted and published monthly on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, ITunes and Spotify, where followers can enjoy and subscribe to them. We use videos and podcasts to host interviews, round tables and discussions with experts, but they are also very effective tools to train our own staff and clients.


The first issue of our new html monthly newsletter, “The Broad Sheet” was published in October. Broadley Speaking has a long track record of publishing newsletters and now we want it to become a permanent note in our voice. Every month we discuss the hottest B2B topics and offer practical advice and resources for our newsletter subscribers.

A new website.

We started the year with a new website. This is the official online face of Broadley Speaking in the 21st century and it tells the story of who we are, our approach and why we are in business. Not only does it look great, but it is an excellent hub for all our communication efforts and is loved by search engines, too, which has boosted our rankings and our organic online presence.

And now, as we write in a buzzing office, this amazing year is ending and leaving us proud for what we have achieved. Many people ask how we do all this from a small town in West Devon; the answer is that we believe in what we do, we have the vision and the skills to do it well…..and we enjoy doing it.


Here’s to an even better 2019!