Tenure and tenacity drives sales excellence - Broadley Speaking


Tenure and tenacity drives sales excellence

19 years of sales excellence

Pat’s last day after 19 years of service and sales excellence at Broadley Speaking

At Broadley Speaking we pride ourselves on consistency of service both to our clients, and in the work we do on behalf of our clients, when we are building sales opportunities on their behalf.

With a small staff turnover, and an average tenure of almost six years, we build teams that act as the sales advocates for our clients.  We were recently looking at the anatomy of a £10,000,000 contract we found and nurtured for a client. Once finding the lead, we developed relationships across the buyers grid and 16 months after first contact, after many contacts with decision makers, and detailed research we made a fully qualified appointment for our client. That’s what we mean by a fully qualified sales appointment. Their seller then did what they are great at, following through and closing the deal.

In order to offer this kind of level of service, you need to build a team that’s not only able to nurture long term relationships with senior decision makers but can gather and use all the intellectual property along the way and use it smartly taking the prospect through the sales funnel. This requires consistency and depth of contact. This is what we mean by sales excellence.

Pat has led on the Eurocell account – a client we have proudly served for a decade – for 10 years. Over that time her product knowledge, and understanding of prospects needs and critical business issues, is unsurpassed.

More importantly over almost two decades of service to Broadley Speaking Pat has become a friend to all , and a confidante of many. Her good humour, determination to succeed and her part in supporting everyone across the business has been an outstanding asset for our business.

We’re pretty sure Pat will be a regular visitor into the office and we look forward to the whole company giving her a fine send off, in true Broadley Speaking style next weekend.

Thanks a million Pat !