3 days, 5 airports, 10 individual telesales strategies and the tactics to fulfil them


11th November 2011

3 days, 5 airports, 10 individual telesales strategies and the tactics to fulfil them

What a week in the World of telemarketing , telesales and lead generation.

This week saw our Silcotec team travel to meet the Silcotec senior management team in Komarno in Slovakia. Travel via Exeter, Dublin, Budapest and back through Bratislava and Bristol !

Typically for the sort of telemarketing, telesales and lead generation service Broadley Speaking provides for its clients – Silcotec are one of Europe’s leading cable harness manufacturers. An Irish business with their manufacturing centre in sunny Slovakia. We always want to get under the skin of our clients products and services and the very best way to do that was to see and understand the cable harness manufacture process right from the order mechanism , through goods in, production, quality control and goods out and dispatch.

If you think “a cable’s a cable” – wrong ! The level of complexity and detailed work is incredible but then Silcotec make cable harnesses for some of the most complex medical device technology in the World.

Many thanks to our Irish and Slovakian colleagues for their delightful hospitality.

If you want to understand how Broadley Speaking’s intelligent sales approach to telemarketing , lead generation, new business development and telesales strategies could help your business penetrate complex new business sectors – call Hilary on 01822 618537 and ask her how !

After the full factory tour; a full days “brainstorming session” with the senior team from Silcotec – a full white board, a great second stage strategy and the tactics to fulfil. Fantastic well done to Sandy Ralph for his wonderful presentation on a large European transport sector – thoughful , detailed and brilliantly presented.