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Selling to HR professionals?Thought about telemarketing ?

You may have received views of telemarketing and telesales and how they can work to help you sell high value products or services across the HR sector. Believe us it works!

Scan the QR code below and you’ll get a copy of  the latest email that has gone out to people just like you,whose goal it is to deliver against sales and marketing goals across the HR sector. Follow the links and you will find info on our canon of telemarketing and telesales work, acting as professional sales and brand advocates for our clients who sell products and services to HR professionals.

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If you don’t believe us that our high end, unscripted telemarketing and telesales campaign can lead your new business development process we’ll happily put you in direct contact with our clients and they’ll give you chapter and verse on the work we have conducted for them.

Call us and we’ll talk you through the work we do and how you might benefit from a similar campaign

Broadley Speaking has always worked at the heart of the human resources industry and you may have seen us in the middle of it, representing our client, Human Systems at the 11th annual HR Directors Business Summit at the ICC in Birmingham. However we are selling to HR Directors everyday.

Talk to us about how you can benefit from our experience in your sector.