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23rd March 2011

Telemarketing the ultimate social media?

Broadley Speaking’s innovative approach to telemarketing and telesales brings top results

Our unique approach to creating B2B opportunities

Telemarketing is a powerful tool which can support your B2B marketing or sales activity. Whether you have a product launch, are opening a new office or are looking to publicise a new service or offering, professional B2B telemarketing and telesales can help.

Telemarketing, whether used as a singular activity or in conjunction with other marketing channels such as email, direct marketing and online advertising or social media, is statistically proven to increase return on investment and campaign effectiveness.

Telemarketing, professionally conducted, we believe is almost the ultimate social media. If the characteristics of social media are that is interactive , personal , is more about listening than telling and ultimately word of mouth referal then Broadley Speaking’s Intelligent Sales approach to telemarketing hits the nail on the head. It’s a World away from the old style broadcast telemarketing you may have experienced.

Our unscripted approach allows your potential client the time to think , engage and intelligently respond – and similarly our Account Managers at our end. It’s a natural human process not dictated by technology. It works brilliantly well for selling relatively complex products and services to senior people.

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