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Telemarketing and telesales is the cutting edge of the marketing sword

telemarketing is the cutting edge of the marketing sword

There’s a fair argument that professionally delivered telemarketing and telesales should play a key role in your telemarketing and telesales strategy. It can act as the cutting edge of any marketing campaign now that buyers see past the brand and want to know about the product.

I was there at the birth of the web, even attending a “web weaving” evening in a pub, in a then decidedly untrendy, Clerkenwell. Bill Thompson was hosting and we marvelled at his ability to publish content on-line – live! Well we might have marvelled if it had worked and / or we hadn’t had so much London Pride we couldn’t make head nor tail of the very slowly loading images on his rather chunky laptop ( probably connected to a modem – remember them? ). This was our 1968 moment, the start of a web based revolution.

Bill is now a technology writer , best known for his weekly column in the Technology section of BBC News Online and appearances on Click, a radio show on the BBC World Service . He is also an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at City University’s Journalism Department. Quite a way from The Eagle in Farringdon Road.

We all spent much time postulating about what wonders the web would bring. Amongst these was that “brand” would be the most important part of marketing as every company no matter what its size would wrest “brand” from being in the sole province of high faluting marketing folk in major corporations and creative folk in ad agencies.

In many ways this has come true – sometimes to the detriment of consumers and corporate buyers. It’s quite possible for sole traders with no experience in their sector to pass themselves off as specialists with experience with some nifty html and PPC. We see it all the time in our humble telesales and telemarketing field.

Increasingly brands are seeing through this and are discovering the hard way that the reliability and quality of their core product or service remains non-negotiable.

To a non-marketeer, this “back to basics” episode must seem an incredible state of affairs. Is not product, after all, one of the famous “Four Ps” of marketing, along with price, place and promotion? It is, yet one that has gradually been out-shouted over the decades by the siren call of promotion as the primary tool of brand building and in turn the essence of modern marketing.

Companies and their customers far and wide began to equate marketing with the comparatively narrow field of brand communications, rather than the broader organisational principle it more fundamentally aspires to be – in simple form the orientation of a business around its customers’ needs and wants.

The orientation of a business around its customers’ needs and wants is what we get up to everyday here at Broadley Speaking. By making direct, high level contact with key decision makers, establishing in detail their specific needs we can address them with features and benefits that meet them – simple?! Actually, no it’s not. It takes, skill, experience and training to work properly at this level.

It’s the cutting edge of the marketing sword. Of course, if we are working with a strong brand this is helpful as it helps access to the most senior decision makers, but when contact is made a brand won’t sell the product or service – it’s back to marketing 101 ; how the features and benefits of the offering meet the needs and wants of the potential customer and the skill and experience of the sales professional in making space to get the message across.

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