It's hot in the city..........telemarketing and telesales in the summer - Broadley Speaking


12th May 2011

It’s hot in the city……….telemarketing and telesales in the summer

In the sometimes mad world of b2b telemarketing and telesales things can move apace ! But it was a hot, steamy and manic day in the heart of our capital on Tuesday.

Monday afternoon an enquiry from a major UK plc , leader in their field, for a requirement for high level b2b telemarketing that reflected their brand values.

Meeting 4pm Tuesday. Finished at 5:30 including brief taken.

Written proposal sent from Blackberry on train heading West by 7:00p.m.

10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning contract sent.

12:30 contracts returned.

Thursday a.m. data arrives from client.

Thursday lunchtime ; campaign built , data imported and online reports built for client, sales approach sent to client for sign off .

Thursday 3p.m. team on the phones delivering results !

Thats what we call telemarketing and telesales. More importantly thats what we call service !

On the same Monday we had two more appointments with two other FTSE listed businesses – if you’d like to hear more about our work with major UK corporations and how we work with them to secure them brand new sales opportunities and secure their brand values call us on 01822 618537

Our approach means that we can sensibly represent just about any b2b product or service. We will happily tell you about our techniques in doing so and our experience and track record of delivery. We will also put you in direct contact with our clients so that they can talk to you about their experience of using our services.

Whilst we appreciate that your company IS different we suspect you may well fall over when you come to understand our understanding of your market, buyer and competition. Its come through 14 years of work in this business and 30 years sales experience in most major b2b markets. Give us a call we’ll listen to you and then tell you if we think we can help. We do say “No”. We pride ourselves on offering clients and prospective clients best advice which could include – you need to be talking with someone else.