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Telemarketing – propelling your business to Grand Slam victory

Grand Slam TelemarketingFollowing his historic victory at Wimbledon on Sunday, some pundits have estimated that Andy Murray could earn up to $15,000,000 a year through advertising deals added to his existing relationships with the Royal Bank of Scotland, Adidas and Jaguar.

The win will propel ‘Brand Murray’ to meet the heights of Federer and Nadal, who for many years have dominated the market for high-value sports marketing investments, according to a recent article in Marketing Week.

However, we don‘t all have the hook of a history-altering, internationally televised win to help us crack our target market and rise from underdog to top dog. So how can you elevate your own brand and persuade people to invest in you and your business?

We all know that the trick is in selling your product, service or cause. But, according to Joanne Black – creator of the website (the epitome of does-what-it-says-on-the-tin titling) – the majority of small business owners think that “sales” is a dirty word. “Cold calling” and telemarketing is not in their nature (or organisational capacity), and this is limiting their ability to expand their business and increase their revenue.

How, then, to match up to the Nadals and Federers of the world – to translate your passion for your company into income and business success?

Well, think of it this way: Broadley Speaking is your Grand Slam championship win. We will raise your profile, showcase your skills and services and turn your organisational blood, sweat and tears into revenue to compete with the leaders in your chosen sector.

And “cold calling” doesn’t even come into our vocabulary. Our business development for clients is based on our very own intelligent sales approach. Our expert Account Managers get to know you and your company – no matter how “niche” it is – in order to have insightful, powerful discussions with key decision makers in the sectors that matter to you; opening the doors that could lead you to the business deal of your life.

Over the past 16 years we’ve helped our clients to increase their revenue tenfold, or introduced them to the companies with whom they went on to close six-figure deals. And we don’t “just” do telemarketing. We become our clients’ critical business partner, offering a more distanced perspective as well as professional sales advocacy, using the benefit of our Directors’ collective 100 years of experience. The Ivan Lendl of the telemarketing world, if you will – although not as grumpy!

So, if you’re interested in some game-changing telemarketing results for your company, give Hilary a call (01822 813042) to find out how we could help. And imagine how you’ll feel when you reach the end result:


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