Telemarketing - good for the environment? - Broadley Speaking


8th June 2010

Telemarketing – good for the environment?

Telemarketing and telesales has always been a strange old business and we’ve been at it for almost 14 years as Broadley Speaking. I first picked up a telephone in anger in 1984 (the term “Telemarketing” didn’t exist then!) and over that time we’ve pretty much seen and worked in every b2b market in this country and abroad.

It does bring amazing diversity and means no day is the same. Today has seen in-depth conversations about massage training, IT support, video conferencing, frozen/chilled/ambient transport and accountancy services – all in a day’s work!

An increasing thread running through many accounts is “environmental considerations” We are currently are working on six accounts, all of which contain strong environmental themes in the sales proposition; water, electricity, stack emissions, video conferencing [YES – saves flights, petrol and you can avoid ash and striking air crews too!!] If you offer a product or service that has an environmental aspect, give us a quick brief and we’ll give you some free advice on how you might best go about it. Send your short brief here.

One of the less interesting calls ( but perhaps more amusing) was from another company in what is the broad telemarketing space – we’d never heard of them , another one that has miraculously popped up in the last year, guy on the end of the ‘phone virtually unintelligible – no language problems [ they were based in the UK ] but apparently unable to string a cohesive sentence together. Blimey how do people earn a living using their brains , mouths and ears when there is no evidence of the 3 being connected ?