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4th March 2011

Behind the websites look out for telemarketing experience

Look beyond the glossy websites for hard won telemarketing and telesales experience

Increasingly we are hearing strange tales from customers and potential customers about their rather torrid experiences in commissioning telemarketing and telesales .

The big brash website that looks very “corporate”. An off the cuff  visit to his new supplier found him in the guys front bedroom!  Nothing wrong with working from home but why try and portray yourself as something your not. Contract cancelled – new supplier found.

Extraordinary claims about “experience”. Big numbers quoted. Quite astonishing how a company founded only a small handful of years ago can claim x hundred years of experience.

Broadley Speaking has been operating for 14 years and its Principals first picked up a ‘phone in anger in 1983 ! That’s what we call strong b2b sales experience.