Using telemarketing and telesales to sell to professional practices


Telemarketing to professional practices – when our intellectual property meets their intellectual property

There are three very common questions we are asked about new business development:

1. Can you really use telemarketing to professional practices such as lawyers,architects,doctors,accountants,dentists and the like?

2. Can you call this type of market segment across Europe?

3. Can you make sales,from end-to-end (from cold call to Euros in the bank)?

There seems to be  a common misconception that telemarketing to professional practices won’t work.

1. Most professionals are billing out their time at many hundreds of pounds an hour,so they won’t make time to take a cold call,right?

2. Aren’t they surrounded by the most protective gatekeepers?

3. As “professionals” they’re a little above taking telemarketing calls, surely?

The answers to the first three questions are yes, yes and yes. The answers to the second three an equally firm no, no and no.

For 17 years Broadley Speaking has been selling products and services across the whole spectrum of professional services. Accountancy services to dentists, software to solicitors, water saving systems and specialist glazing products to architects, and insolvency services to accountants to name just a very few.

Yes,getting past gate keepers can be an art in itself (we can talk you through how we do this) but once the connection is made the prospect is, inevitably, well educated; so has a brain and is not afraid to use it! This makes them perfect for our intelligent sales approach. Being able to conduct a conversation at their level and put forward a logical, sensible and well thought through sales argument is the key of course.

It’s when our intellectual property meets their intellectual property.

Once we worked on a relatively new campaign for our client who is relied upon by patent attorneys worldwide. So by chance their business is IP too!

They have subtly changed the way EP validations are handled. As European validation is a largely labour intensive and time consuming process, they have developed highly efficient systems and advanced technology to greatly reduce costs, and almost completely remove associated workload.

The vast majority of their larger clients are patent attorneys or firms of patent attorneys.

They just wanted to find more – right across Europe.

Last week we delivered 16000 Euros into our clients bank from an Italian patent attorney – not a bad start to a new professional relationship. All from a cold call!

The clients reaction : “I would like to send congrats from all of our team here to you for closing the first deal! Brilliant job.”

Get in touch if you would like to use Telemarketing to professional practices; tell us your needs and find out how we can deliver the results you want.

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