Telemarketing and telesales for niche products


15th April 2011

But my company is different…telemarketing and telesales for niche products

Telemarketing and telesales

When we initially talk to customers about how high level telemarketing and telesales works quite often we hear the cry “But my company is different………………”

Without a doubt its been quite a week in the offices of Broadley Speaking the UK’s leading high level b2b telemarketing and telesales company.

One of the great delights of our business is the sheer breadth of market sectors we cover. Our level of engagement with our clients , and consequently their prospects , is of a level that means we find ourselves completely subsumed in the markets they serve.

Yesterday alone we found ourselves talking “telemarketing” with companies who are market leaders in food service, under floor heating and video production and that doesn’t count the work we were conducting that day on behalf of Europe’s largest manufacturer of building plastics, a new media division of a major UK publisher, the UK’s leading child protection charity, one of the World’s leading food trend analysis organisations, two major suppliers of learning and development, the UK’s largest distributor of materials handling equipment ……….phew the list could go on !

Our approach means that we can sensibly represent just about any b2b product or service. We will happily tell you about our techniques in doing so and our experience and track record of delivery. We will also  put you in direct contact with our clients so that they can talk to you about their experience of using our services.

Whilst we appreciate that your company IS different we suspect you may well fall over when you come to understand our understanding of your market, buyer and competition. Its come through 14 years of work in this business and 30 years sales experience in most major b2b markets. Give us a call we’ll listen to you and then tell you if we think we can help. We do say “No”. We pride ourselves on offering clients and prospective clients best advice which could include – you need to be talking with someone else.