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Telemarketing and telesales breaks through the glass ceiling

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Some people will try and tell you that telemarketing and telesales cannot be used to reach out to C suite executives. Well we can do it !

Many people underestimate the level at which professionally conducted telemarketing and telesales can work. This received view is itself prescribed by the experience people have of the telemarketing they receive at home, and at work – on the whole pretty dire, low level stuff.

For seventeen years Broadley Speaking has been conducting high level, professional sales advocacy on behalf of its clients – it’s why when FORTUNE were looking to extend their brand across the World they turned to Broadley Speaking as their favourite telemarketing and telesales partner.

Fortune, the world’s premier business magazine, is also the quality leader in executive conferences. Extending the magazine’s cutting-edge content and exclusive insider access Fortune Conferences bring together the world’s business people with government officials and thought leaders. A big-picture focus, innovative formats, peer-level interaction across industries, and attention to detail guarantee a world-class experience for every participant.

So when they were looking for a telemarketing and telesales partner to help them extend these brands across the globe they had to find the right partner who could not only work at the very highest levels in some of the World’s largest organisations, but deliver results and enhance one of the World’s leading business brands.

Broadley Speaking helped Fortune create an oversubscribed FORTUNE Global Forum in Chendung, China. Subsequently we were commissioned to contact the most powerful women in business and government across Europe for MPW:London.

The second Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women international meeting and gala dinner took place 24 June, 2013 and brought together the most prominent European women leaders in business, along with selected leaders from government, media, philanthropy, and the arts

MPW: London is now the cornerstone of the global expansion of Fortune Most Powerful Women, which started as a conference 14 years ago and  has evolved into the preeminent community of women leaders in business and beyond.

Did it work yes – yes it did !


I’m not remembering if I reached out after the London event— it was a big success all around, and your efforts were a big part of that, so thanks again.

 I look forward to working together again in the future


Paul Casey

Director of Marketing

Fortune Live Media “

Thanks Paul !

Broadley Speaking has always taken a different approach to telemarketing and telesales. For over seventeen years we have used an “Intelligent Sales” approach to provide professional sales advocacy and new business development services to our client partners.

Talk to us about how Broadley Speaking’s professional sales advocacy can work wonders for your products, service and brand.

You’ll find us easy to talk to and your ideal telemarketing and telesales partner.

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