Business-to-Business Telemarketing boosts manufacturers' sales


Business-to-Business Telemarketing boosts manufacturer’s sales

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New breed of  Business-to-Business telemarketing pushes manufacturers sales

The journey of a product from factory to buyer is a long and sometimes perilous tale. UK manufacturers all face this on a daily basis, be it the uncertainty, the competition or lack of customers. If you have ever wished for more customers, or to break into a new market then a new breed of Business-to-Business telemarketing may just be the answer you are looking for.

Will it work for me?

Somar International could not see how their unique technical products could be sold over the phone. Somar make and sell the Eluma intelligent lighting system, which can reduce energy costs by up to 80%, which means it pays for itself, within one or two years. They were looking at different approaches that would enable them to increase their share of the UK market.

David Bone, Director of Somar International states “What we realised is that rather than being a purely technical sell, we could concentrate on selling the ongoing cost savings, which is really the true benefit of this product. This meant that we were more willing to look at different ways of reaching out and developing new clients and telemarketing obviously came up as an option”

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it!

A lot of business development advice concentrates on improving communication with your clients and keeping them happy. The practicalities of this, however, can be quite time-consuming and expensive. Do you send them a letter, another piece of direct mail, an email, perhaps invite them to read your blog? What is clear is that even though you hope a client will respond to your marketing activity, they mostly don’t. Short term commission structures can also mean that your sales team doesn’t concentrate on long term business development. The manufacturing sales cycle can take months, even years to complete; so how do you start a real dialogue with your clients as soon as possible?

Building a sales pipeline, call by call

Telemarketing has a poor reputation as scripted, low level, verbal ‘direct mail’. Since 1997, Broadley Speaking has pioneered a different breed of Business-to-Business telemarketing, designed specifically to sell to senior people; like those in the manufacturing sector.

David Conn, Director of Broadly Speaking said “A lot of our clients literally can’t believe the difference this type of telemarketing can make. You will never build a business relationship with a customer with just an email or a good looking website.  At some point you have to talk to them and find out what makes them tick.”

What do your clients really think?

As a support to sales and marketing, unscripted telemarketing builds an immediate relationship between the client and the product, gathering real needs and opinions and qualified knowledge of client budgets or preferred suppliers. Using this information we can quickly create a long-term sales pipeline composed of important contacts with timelines and budgets; this is much better than  the hand-to-mouth existence of concentrating on the clients whose purchase is on the immediate horizon. The success rate is much better and there are no limits to the opportunities you can create and win.

“We were surprised at how effective a telemarketing campaign could be. Now we work with Manchester Airport, Sainsbury’s and Go- Ahead Transport Group, all of these relationships began with a telemarketing phone call. We can point to sales measured in millions of pounds, directly attributable to Broadley Speaking’s work.” said Mr Bone.

Mr Conn concludes “Companies seem to have recognised that during the recession they have had to work harder to make sales. Somar have been shrewd enough to invest in their sales pipeline and are reaping the dividends.  Our Business-to-Business telemarketing system can build programmes for companies of all sizes and help them create business opportunities just like we have for Somar International and their Eluma lighting system.”

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