Who should we be speaking with when developing new business


Talk to the right decision makers when developing new business

Broadley Speaking has gained global recognition as the leader in delivering highly qualified, high value new business development opportunities on behalf of our clients.  We know that to successfully deliver highly qualified, high value new business development opportunities, understanding whom the “buyer” of your product or service is, is key for success.

Understanding who the “buyer” is in complete detail will be the difference between success and failure and the key is to create a persona for them.  Once you have this persona for the “buyer” then work can be done to flesh it out with more detail on a prospect-by-prospect basis to really tailor your approach, but firstly creating this persona is important.

This “buyer” persona is not merely a generalised description of them, but built from real insights into them.  Building a persona for the “buyer” isn’t as simple as narrowing down to an age range, location, occupation type, gender, or some other descriptor.  It’s a science, one that involves research, analytics, even surveys of existing customers.  Creating very specific personas can dramatically help improve your marketing campaign results.

With the recent change of the buying ecosystem, this has lead to a development from a single “buyer” into multiple “buyers”, but a lot more work has to be completed to fully understand whom you are trying to send messages to.

This shift has developed “four unique buyers” who will all play a part in deciding what product or services will be procured.  These “four unique buyers” has been developed by research conducted by Miller Heiman, into strategic selling.

Research conducted by Miller Heiman has developed these four “buyers”:

ECONOMIC BUYING INFLUENCE – The person who gives final approval to buy your product or service.

USER BUYING INFLUENCE – The individual(s) who will actually use (or supervise the use of) your product or service once the purchase is made.

TECHNICAL BUYING INFLUENCE – The individual(s) whose responsibility it is to ensure that your product or service meets specifications.

COACH – An individual who guides you in the sale by giving you information that you need in order to manage it to a satisfactory close – a sale that guarantees you not only the order, but also satisfied customers, solid references, and repeat business.  A coach must be developed.

Developing an individual persona for each of these “buyers” is key to tailoring your message to them correctly.  These messages should be tailored for all four of the “buyers”, no one’s influence should be underestimated.  This approach will help you create and maintain long term sustainable relationships with future and current customers.

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