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How do you capitalise on event opportunities to drive traffic to your site?

  Are you currently capitalising on event opportunities? Events such as Wimbledon or Tour de France, etc. are a really good chance for you to try and bring traffic to your webiste and boost your social media engagement. Have you got an annual plan to include any such events in your campaigns? This article will […]

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How to carry blog posts across during website migration

        You have a blog with hundreds – maybe thousands- of posts which have never really been optimised; now you are about to migrate your website to a new version and you are undecided about what to do with all your posts: optimise them all before migrating? Optimise after migration? Carry them […]


Reduce bounce rate and optimise for conversion

    It is a very common case: your website has a few articles on a given topic which perform well in search, attract qualified traffic and are shared on social platforms. However, your bounce rate is high; which means visitors who land on those pages leave after reading the articles instead of exploring more […]

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