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Managing Buying Journey from the Prospect’s Point of View.

    A prospect-centered marketing and sales approach. Most sales persons think their customers have so much information, and are so clear about their needs that when they engage with suppliers, their purchase decision is nearly complete. In our work with companies around the world, we often see this is not the case. Buying complex solutions with […]

B2B Sales

The Perfect B2B Sales Call: Start to Finish.

  How to prepare and execute B2B sales calls (download our FREE Guide, here).  There are multiple times in our life when we have to make a good first impression in a professional setting, be that over the phone or face to face. If you’re trying to negotiate a contract for your company, you have […]

B2B Sales

Optimise for “Ideas” and Catch your Leads Early on their Buying Journey.

Search is turning into problem-solving. The “Think with Google” Ads Research and Insights team has been digging into Google’s search data and found that people are more and more searching for ideas; ”gift ideas”, “interview outfit ideas”, “holiday ideas” are among the most popular searches. In other words, people are increasingly turning to search before […]

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