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SPEAKING BROADLEY. B2B Sales podcasts.

B2B sales podcasts



Are you a sales professional looking for some different strategies, or tips on how to boost your results? Does your pipeline seem too inaccurate or not robust? Are you wasting time chasing the wrong leads? Broadley Speaking’s new B2B sales podcast and videos (more about videos in a post next week) address exactly those points.

B2B sales podcasts

We are happy to announce that Broadley Speaking are now podcasting through the “SPEAKING BROADLEY” series, geared towards helping sales professionals generate growth.
Our mission is helping businesses sell high-value products and services to their clients and in our podcasts we will discuss the hottest topics of B2B sales, such as how to have empowered sales conversations, how to handle objections, manage prospects, connect with new accounts, generate quality leads, build solid pipelines and much more.
We have been in your shoes before and we have the real-life experience to back up what we are saying.

What to expect.

We wanted to give our listeners an overview of what life is like inside Broadley Speaking; the way we do things and why our system is bringing real value to our customers; so we started with a short series of episodes called “The Life of a Lead Generation Company”.   

Each episode features themes like: how to handle objections when talking to prospects and how to find the right buyers or influencers to speak to.

In addition, now our full B2B sales training course, held by Hilary Broadley is live; new episodes will be published monthly.

 A full sales training course.

We know you have no time to waste and we want to give you real value with a lot of actionable tips and strategies which you will be able to use immediately. Starting from July 20th, our Sales Training series will contain killer sales content talking about your needs, challenges and pain points, however niche; each episode will provide fresh views and actionable wisdom so that sales professionals at all levels will find value.
In the future months our podcasts will feature interviews and round tables with guest experts on more B2B related topics.
This is your virtual B2B sales fitness programme; listen to us for actionable sales advice.

Our podcasts are available form the main podcasting platforms, like Apple I-Tunes, Stitcher  and Spotify (you need to get the App for this).

If you would like to know more about Broadley Speaking’s approach to B2B sales, you can read this page or get in touch for a free consultation.

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