Broadley Speaking, Sounding out the Benefits of Telemarketing


Sounding out the benefits of Telemarketing



When I consult the urban dictionary for a definition of Telemarketing, I’m not expecting it to help me write a blog about the positive benefits of telemarketing, particularly in the B2B sector.  It doesn’t disappoint.  The overall theme of the top (and only) definition is definitely downbeat.  Searching ‘Telemarketer’ is much more productive but equally grim reading for those working in the sector. Some may say probably reflective of experiences we’ve all had at some point in the past, with Telemarketing being one of the oldest forms of marketing (circa 1950’s).  If you’ve hurdled over furniture and stubbed appendages, partially dressed, to answer an inconveniently timed call at home, unwittingly picked up the office phone instead of your ‘gatekeeper’ or found a ‘heartless cretin’ (Source: Rollo & Biff, Urban dictionary) has used their ninja telemarketing moves to ‘trick’ their way into your earpiece, you’ll be able to relate to that slightly deflated feeling.

Broadley Speaking, B2B Telemarketing is a different beast entirely from the one painted by urban dictionary.  It’s a tool that needs to be integrated in a marketing symphony orchestra conducted by the hands, hearts and voices of a credible, experienced professional team of trailblazers who understand your business and can speak its language.  High quality sales opportunities, leads and appointments can only be made on the back of knowledgeable, creative, intelligent conversation and management systems – Omnia.   In a world where human contact is shrinking, the greatest benefits of Telemarketing is its ability to identify and directly make smart contact with, connect to, and interact with people throughout complex organisations.  Not only in terms of key decision makers but those who work underneath and alongside them; the people who skilled telemarketers need to work with, not through, to let us in and help make their working lives easier.  Modern B2B Telemarketing is the antithesis of the “telephone equivalent of spam”; it’s relationship driven and builds rapport.  To “badger people with something they don’t want or need” would be counterproductive when image and brand identity is at stake.

The benefits of Telemarketing shine through the brightest when it’s used as a natural, integrated, harmonious extension of the customer’s sales and customer service team; when it reflects the tone of the organisation and is in synergy with the ensemble of its related marketing instruments; when it starts a mutually beneficial dialogue that adds value and results in positive action; when it’s led by a professional band of Telemarketing musicians who instinctively know how to set the pace, tempo and shape of a sound so it complements the complex layers of a score; when you use Broadley Speaking to truly engage with your customers and move an audience to actively listen to what you have to say.

Call us today on 0800 988 7253 to find out how our state of the art Omnia Prospect Management System combined with our unique B2B Telemarketing approach can develop new business for your company.  If you have enjoyed this post, you will find value in this one, too, on a similar topic.

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