Social Selling or Social Media? Is it a case of the Emperor's New Clothes?


Is it a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Philippa Sherrell Social Selling Lead Broadley Speaking

Philippa Sherrell, Social Selling Lead at Broadley Speaking, thinks it might just be !

For many years traditional ‘social media agencies’ have trumpeted their success on the back of volume of ‘followers’ and ‘connections’  to either individual profiles or company LinkedIn pages. In the last few weeks, and after much pressure from those in the community like us that seek to nourish value not just volume, LinkedIn have finally given visibility to companies of those people following their LinkedIn Company page. About time too!

Philippa noted: “I am pretty sure there will have been some fairly heated review meetings between old style ‘social media experts’ and their clients in recent weeks. If not there should have been. We recently conducted a review for a new client. It turned out only around 6% of their company page followers were anywhere near relevant in terms of them being prospective or actual customers. They had paid for an agency to increase the number of followers. It turns out that the vast majority of followers were their own staff, eager potential suppliers or competitors!”

For the Broadley Speaking team this is the core differential between using ‘social media’ as a sales tool and doing ‘social media’ because you think you ought to be. Quite often there is a similar story when it comes to personal profiles and connections. Quite often on inspection the vast majority of individuals connections are friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues. At least thats the “social” element sorted!

Philippa explained: “There is a massive difference between ‘social selling’ and ‘social media’. Everything we do at Broadley Speaking is focussed on new revenue generation. This either comes from extending reach into existing clients or finding new ones. Cutting edge ‘ social selling’ can do this – if understood and then mastered”

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