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SEO and Content Marketing Convergence.


SEO and Content Marketing


The importance of content marketing for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION has been a topic of conversation for many years; “content is king” is the buzzword at every digital marketing conference. However, only recently we have come to realise that SEO and content marketing must converge.

The purpose of SEO is to make it easy for search engines to index and rank your pages and determine whether your material is the best match for the searches you are interested in.Therefore, SEO’s should tell content marketers how to avoid causing technical errors like duplicate content, orphan pages, shoddy metadata. These are just a few issues that can severely impact content performance, driving down traffic, conversions and revenue. However, this is not always the case.  I have seen websites lacking XML sitemaps, full of duplicate url’s, coding mistakes and broken links, still ranking very high on SERPS because they have great contents. This doesn’t mean that content is more important than technical SEO; it means that if two websites do their technical SEO equally well, great content will make the difference.

SEO’s should use data to see how people engage with determined material, understand the customer journey at different stages across channels and devices, help build attribution models. In the age of Account-Based Marketing, this is no longer a choice; content marketers should create material which can engage different customer segments at different stages of the funnel.

The interrelations of SEO and CONTENT MARKETING are clear to see:

SEO needs valuable, fresh content; CONTENT MARKETING creates valuable, fresh content

SEO researches keywords; CONTENT MARKETING applies keywords

SEO needs backlinks; CONTENT MARKETING provides backlinks

SEO provides performance; CONTENT MARKETING Provides quality

Content marketing and SEO must be integrated and scalable: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION and Marketing teams must be one unit sharing goals and -most importantly- evolving and always integrating because this makes them stronger.

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