Achieve your vision


Einstein famously noted ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results’. We firmly believe that sales is an evolutionary process and in order for your sales function to continue to move forward and deliver results, a fresh approach and external perspective is sometimes required.

Over the last  twenty years we have worked alongside hundreds of organisations, both large and small to build sales teams, overcome sales challenges and deliver sustainable results. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver programmes which help them overcome the challenges presented by the 21st Century sales environment.

We spend time with you and your team to understand your current situation and your vision for the future and look for ‘pain points’ which may be the reasons you are not achieving your sales goals. We review your sales channels and platforms, your pitch, style and approach by observing your team’s interactions with prospects and with one another, listening to call recordings and reviewing on and offline communications. We then identify areas which need honing, in order to improve your sales performance and develop a plan of  action.

Through group training, workshops, individual coaching and a series of process changes, our team will develop a programme of activity which will move you towards achieving your sales objectives.

Sales training

Everyone with a customer-facing role within an organisation is a salesperson – whether they are interacting with existing or potential clients, the public or suppliers it is crucial they are communicating and representing your brand in a positive fashion.

We work closely with clients to produce invigorating, innovative and bespoke sales training sessions and workshops. All our sales training is designed around the specific needs of your sales people, and is guaranteed to rejuvenate your sales efforts.

Executive Coaching

Business leaders come from a range of disciplines and as they reach more senior positions they find themselves more involved in Business Development but often without the skills or confidence necessary to ensure their efforts are successful.

Our senior team work on a one-to-one basis with senior executives to help them to develop their style and build a framework of skills from which they can call on when in a sales situation.

Training can be delivered in a group or individual setting and tailored to suit different levels of experience as the approach we take with people starting out in their career would vary from those who have more experience.

Colour Insights

‘Colour Insights’ is a psychometric tool to help people communicate more effectively, understand themselves and others, and tackle the most pressing business challenges including those associated with sales.

When building and developing successful sales and business teams, communication, both internal and external can prove to be a crucial success factor.

Each member of the Broadley Speaking team has an Insights profile and we utilise the intelligence it provides to maximize the effectiveness of the sales activity we deliver on behalf of our clients.

Colour Insights is a highly valuable tool for any team or individual looking to improve their performance and we work alongside Agar Management Consultancy who are licensed practitioners to deliver Colour Insights as part of our sales transformation offering.