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Road Closed to new business development?

Road closed - New Business Development

Developing new business might be the hardest task a business has to consistently achieve.

This is why businesses come to us for help! Broadley Speaking has gained recognition worldwide for partnering with companies to achieve their new business development goals, helping sell products and services across the whole spectrum of trade and industry. We’ve been doing it for 20 years – you know what they say about practice making perfect!

Over the course of the past year Broadley Speaking has been developing the Omnia solution. We developed Omnia with the complex challenge of new business development in mind. It combines both sales and marketing  for a unified approach with the sole aim to develop and win new business.

During this period of development of Omnia  it has led us to come up against quite a few road blocks on the route to success. These road block, or problems, have presented themselves on a regular basis, usually when you think you have everything sorted!

There’s usually a few “road blocks” along the route  when we are developing new business for our clients as well, so they really are just part of our normal day.

What happens when there isn’t a signposted diversion in place though?

Developing anything is never as simple as going from A to B. Sometimes you might need to go left, right or even back on yourself to get around the problem. Keeping your bearings as you navigate around the problem can be quite disorientating, but remembering what your goal is the key to success.

When you come up against a road closed sign in new business development you only really have two options.

To stand there, look at the problem and stop moving forward. Which equals no new business for your company


Find a path around the problem.

Look at the problem from a different angle, ask someone else opinion, focus on trying again and you can usually solve the problem – but don’t give up! There is always a way to get round a problem, you just haven’t found the answer yet but it is out there.

At Broadley Speaking, we specialise in new business development for companies who (generally) sell complex, products and services to senior people. This niche means that we hit a lot of road closed signs on the route to developing and winning new business.  We are not often provided with clear diversion signs, so we have to forge our own route forward.

During the past 20 years Broadley speaking has developed a unique intelligent sale approach in, both the way we conduct business for our clients, but also how we train our team. We develop our team to always see the bigger picture when it comes to the journey to achieving new business development success. Forward thinkers with an intelligence-led approach at the heart of their day to day journey.

If you find you or your team keeps coming up to road blocks in the pursuit of new business development, then call Broadley Speaking on 0800 988 7253 to help find a diversion around it for you.

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