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“Call that a knife….” – really niche telemarketing and telesales

In 17 years of providing high level telemarketing and telesales for our clients across the UK and Europe we have covered most business-to-business sectors, some of them extraordinarily niche.Understandably many people don’t understand this until they start a conversation with us.

Early on in many conversations with potential clients they will say: “I like the sound of this but our product or service is very niche…”. Many a time we have been tempted to reprise and paraphrase the famous Crocodile Dundee scene ” Call that a niche!” (for the youngsters among us see the bottom of the article for the You Tube clip – it was funny at the time!)

Many people’s understanding of telemarketing and telesales is that it is a mass broadcast marketing medium.Simply put, sling enough mud at roughly the right wall and you’ll get the right result……it’s a numbers game innit?

While there’s a good few campaigns we conduct which do rely on a large volume of calls and we’re more than equipped to do these but it’s fair to say we are not a call centre in the manner of the big South Coast operators. We run some very highly targeted campaigns that,with the very greatest respect to that type of call centre operation, they are unlikely to understand let alone deliver on. It’s this kind of detailed,complex work that has helped Broadley Speaking carve its own niche in the highly fragmented spectrum of telemarketing and telesales operators.

Just two current examples might serve to illustrate the point.

Case 1. A client is a privately funded, technology company with a product which helps bio pharmaceutical companies improve the control of their manufacturing processes.

They provide a new set of information which has not been available to process engineers and production managers before. There is therefore a learning and application phase in their customer engagements.

They had spent significant time and money attending exhibitions and conferences which had some success in publicising their “brand” but little success in delivering hard business leads for their business development team.

Now,pharmaceutical companies are notoriously conservative and difficult to penetrate and as it has turned out the key purchasers and influencers for this new product sit in between R&D and pilot projects for new bio pharmaceuticals, within major multinational pharmaceutical businesses and could be in Cambridge, Brussels or New Jersey.

The total size of the buying universe, across the Globe, is almost certainly under four figures. They are all Phd level educated,world experts in their field and think they have their production process taped.It’s our job to persuade them otherwise.

You may think your market’s niche – this is what we call niche!

Case 2. Another client offers an outsourced manufacturing service – for the manufacture of complex cable harnesses.

Their target buyer – the Cable Harness Commodity Buyer; responsible for the purchase of at least £1,000,000 of cable harnesses a year,plus the R&D teams who can specify cabling in new projects.

There’s around 100 people across Europe that fit their bill.

Historically the client has been hugely successful within the medical device market but they had little knowledge beyond it.

It’s been a question of new market modelling, corporate mapping, business unit mapping and decision maker and influencer mapping – then having the mental dexterity to challenge the procurement status quo.

You may think your markets is niche – this is what we call niche!

Many people have a received view of what telemarketing and telesales is; what it can achieve and the level it can operate at.

If you work in a sector you consider niche give us a call and we’ll run it past our “nicheometer” and give you an honest appraisal as to how we might help increase sales. Meanwhile, you can read this page to find out more about how we do Telemarketing and Telesales.

In the meantime here’s Crocodile Dundee – “That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”


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