Put yourself in your clients' shoes for successful lead generation.


Put yourself in your clients’ shoes


Lead generation

Are you struggling to see the progress in your lead generation?

Is your sales team failing to get past initial contact with prospects?

It shouldn’t be too hard to get a foot in the door with businesses within your prospect pool, in theory.   The reason they’ve been identified as prospects is because they fit your business criteria. Whether that’s because they sit within an appropriate industry, have the right level of turnover, or because a recent change in circumstances renders them relevant, they should be good to go, right?  Not necessarily.

Why is it, that getting past an initial call or email in order to have a meaningful conversation can be so challenging?

“Conversation” implies it’s two-sided, is this the case?

Prospects being bombarded with generic marketing material and receiving calls involving listening to a one-sided ‘sales pitch’ will probably limit how far the opportunity will go.

Identifying the right decision makers, is only part of the solution and this alone won’t guarantee gaining traction with your prospects.

Understanding the factors most likely to be motivating the current direction of a business and its individual decision makers, can make it easier to engage with the prospect.

Put yourself in their shoes – understand what motivates them, rather than flogging what you have to sell.

It’s a widely held view in the area of psychology and social science that human beings have a fundamental need to feel understood. It’s helpful for sales’ and marketing teams to tap into this and adopt the theory to use it as a tool when approaching prospects.

Things for you and your team to consider:

Stay current and understand what’s going on in your prospect’s world.

Plug into industry news and follow the current trends within it, to deepen understanding and provide relevant conversation starters.  This will also help align your marketing material so that it’s targeted and relevant.

If they’re not already, encourage your sales and marketing teams to sign up to receive industry news bulletins direct to their inbox. These are often free.

Linkedin is also a great place to find insights into businesses and industry intel.

Speak so they’ll listen.

Encouraging your sales’ team to consider a few key factors that may be on the prospect’s current agenda before calling, will help them to ask relevant questions aligned with the prospect’s objectives and pain points. This should help to spark their interest once on the call and can expand a conversation.

Creating a tailored approach to calling is a helpful way to gain engagement from your prospects and doesn’t have to take long.

Be Interested, not interesting.

Your team would have to be pretty lucky to call a prospect just when the top priority on their agenda, involves considering your product or service!  Utilising open questions and listening skills can help to provide an understanding of what’s important to the prospect right now. Let them speak.

Building a rapport at this stage can be invaluable in taking the lead further along the journey and may well prove beneficial.

Support your team in these areas with training.

Check they’re leading their calls with questions, rather than features and benefits.

The magic happens when listening to the answers provides the opportunity to steer the conversation towards these.

In summary:

When it’s looking like your lead generation is resulting in a sales journey that falls at the first hurdle, it’s worth examining your approach .

The key to building a robust sales journey with your potential customer lies within the ability to understand their current and long-term objectives and pain points.  Then, it’s about aligning your approach with these and demonstrating this understanding through all available channels.  Become your prospect’s trusted partner.  It’ll go a long way.


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