Pro telemarketing takes control of the customer conversation


28th June 2012

Pro telemarketing takes control of the customer conversation

Professionally conducted, unscripted telemarketing allows you to take hold of the customer conversation

In a world of dramatically changing customer buying behaviour and rapidly diverging sales talent , your sales approach must evolve or you will be left behind.

If you are considering how to boost your sales and thinking about outsourcing that effort to a telemarketing or telesales company you may want to think beyond the usual transactional metrics – not that measurement isn’t important .Or even if you are contemplating doing it internally think about the type of resource you may need to fulfil your goals

In an interesting book by Dixon and Adamson: “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” they talk about sales in our new economy.

” So the question now is: What do you do about it? If you are going to win going forward, you’ve got to equip your sales people to generate new demand in a world of reluctant, risk averse customers – customers who are struggling to buy complex solutions just as much as you are struggling to sell them. That’s going to take a very special kind of sales professional indeed……….the best sales people have evolved a set of unique and powerful sales skills to keep up”

At Broadley Speaking we have a finely honed team of professional sales advocates with that” set of unique and powerful sales skills”. It’s a script free environment and way beyond what you might understand as “telemarketing”

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