Why hope is not a strategy - practical sales consultancy


25th June 2012

Why hope is not a strategy – practical sales consultancy

Our sales consultancy is not about writing reports but creating interventions that deliver results.

What we can learn from the England football team -and why we can apply it in a sales environment.

Sitting watching the football last night with the usual crowd of England fans. Having started the tournament with “low expectations” excitement was now rising – “if we can beat Italy we can go onto win” the pundits said. Every football fans comfort blanket had come into play – the dreaded “hope”. A wag from the back of the bar shouted from the back of the bar “No chance,mate  – hope is not a strategy!”

When we work with clients we work at board level helping them build both sales and marketing strategies. Sometimes these involve going back to basics and stripping back to what is their value proposition.

Although we are usually contacted in the first instance for tactical telemarketing solutions most clients are surprised at the breadth and depth of our approach. Decades of experience and professional business and sales planning tell us that it is almost worth investing the time rummaging through the clients intellectual property and revisiting what they are actually selling before we get anywhere near a telephone.

Often the client has “forgotten” too !

Through a tried and trusted process we logically work through from value proposition to sales pipeline planning – this way we create a solid plan with KPIs and metrics in from the outset – so when we work in partnership with our clients generating new business the strategies are built on solid business foundations not “hope”

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