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More lightbulb moments: the benefits of outsourcing lead generation


My husband is a brilliant, highly competent electrician – but he’s also a very busy one. As a result, my home is often full of lights which don’t work.   It’s what first came to mind when I started to think about the benefits of outsourcing.   Outsourcing (sigh) – there would be lots of benefits!  Sadly, it isn’t an option for me and the whole marriage business.

But when you can outsource, should you? With the highly complex and technological world that B2B lead generation has become, outsourcing can be an instant game changer. The benefits of outsourcing your lead generation make it a smart, forward thinking solution that triggers and boosts growth:

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B lead generation, at a glance:

COSTS: First of all, it divorces your business from the drawbacks and the real operating costs from setting up, running and managing a professional in-house lead generation team.  Yes, the campaign will still be your baby, however, without all the overheads.

EXPERIENCE: Your business will benefit in the hands of a highly experienced and motivated team who are passionate about the B2B industry, are driven by results and have a long,  track record in customer engagement and acquisition.  By outsourcing your lead generation activities you will achieve a great return on investment.

SPEED OF RESULTS:  It takes years to build an effective lead generation team.  If you outsource your activity to one with a great reputation and an established high tech formula for success, your integrated campaign will have a greater impact; this will open up a pipeline of opportunities for growth and awareness.

IMPRESSIVE RESULTS. BUT only If you outsource to a team who always get the strategy and delivery right!  You need a growth hacker on your side.

ONLINE EYEBALLING: If you want to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing lead generation, you want to invest the future of your business in a creative, technical and analytical team that embraces a growth hacking mind-set.  A team that uses technology, content strategy and customised messaging to reach decision makers online, to surround and engage them with your brand and voice long before the first telephone call is even made. Click here to see how we make this work in practice.

INJECT YOUR AGENDA INTO THE CONVERSATION.  Finally, effective lead generation is no longer a hybrid of marketing and direct contact.  Outsource to a team that understands how people flow online; direct contact is always more effective if your brand and key messages have already become part of their online infrastructure.

How to go about outsourcing.

However, the world of outsourcing is full of difficulties and often frustrations. Here are a few tips you should follow in order to make outsourcing a success.


When deciding to outsource, often follow best practice and deploy business models that add value, and improve competitiveness. Outsourcing is increasingly more about business transformation than pure back office optimisation.


Understand the strategic importance of the business process which you want to outsource. What are your objectives? Have you communicated them clearly to your supplier?  how are you going to measure they will be met? Have you considered any hidden costs?


Lack of preparation often leads to failure of the outsourcing activity. You must ave a plan in place during the transition and afterwards, to help the outsourcing business and the service provider understand performance and progress towards business objectives .


Make sure the function you outsource interacts with other related functions in your business; bringing together the elements of contracting, transition and supplier management with your operating model and retained organization, you can significantly increase the chances of success and long-term viability of your outsourcing operation.


Lack of focus on communications, especially in the crucial first months, may result in many problems escalating to senior management; make communications regular and clear, always encouraging collaboration with your supplier.

“Make your outsourcing supplier your critical partner.”

This is what we tell our partners: we are not just providing a service; we work with you to give you insight-driven sales approach, help you design your strategies, achieve your goals and make your business more profitable.

Broadley Speaking is the preferred supplier of outsourced lead generation for the Compass Group UK & Ireland, to find out how this can work for your business call is on 0800 988 7253.
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