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Broadley Speaking CRM Consultancy & Implementation

Whether you are an SME looking for a straightforward entry level CRM system, or seeking a bespoke enterprise solution; Broadley Speaking can help.

Having worked in almost every B2B vertical market, we have come across all major CRM systems, both for our own use and on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, we have developed and implemented systems for a range of organisations from small local businesses to FTSE Top 25 Companies.

Our expertise has been recognised by our partnership with Zoho Corporation.

As accredited Zoho Consulting Partners, we use our experience to design bespoke CRMs for clients from their sales teams’ perspective. For CRM projects, small or large, our pragmatic sales driven approach drives long term sales and marketing results.

We draw upon this extensive knowledge to help you improve your sales, and revenue generation and offer a number of different packages depending on your particular requirements.

We offer a free primary telephone consultation, in depth consultancy, bespoke system development and full maintenance and support services; so get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help.

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Why do so many CRM implementations fail?

We have had many conversations with marketing and sales directors about how their “CRM doesn’t work”. It doesn’t give them the right information and has fallen into disrepute; despite their investment of time and money in it.

From our long experience, we have developed the following views:

1: We see that most CRMs don’t work because they are built from the sales and marketing directors perspective down.

2: To build a system that is successful you need to build it from the salesperson’s view up!

3: If you make the system relevant and easy to use from the sales teams’ perspective, it will get used, and the senior team will get the management information that they need.

4: Furthermore, many CRMs are cumbersome and unwieldly to use; therefore, inputting records and data takes too long. This causes frustration and abandonment of due process.

5: Many CRMs (by definition) are great at managing “customers”, but not very good at managing “prospects” and “suspects”. To be truly successful any system needs to facilitate sales and marketing activity aimed at accounts and contacts. This must happen first from outside the sales funnel, to the point of order, then onward into retention and expansion.

6: It is especially relevant to the challenges of 21st century sales and new business development, to synchronise and leverage every potential synergy between sales, marketing, retention and customer service to gain maximum returns and convert the most profitable contracts. Many CRMs offer this potential but make it extremely difficult to actually fulfil.