Securing Board-Level Meetings - Broadley Speaking
Case Study

Securing Board-Level Meetings

The Brief

The client is a leading management consultant specialising in pricing and marketing strategies.They are highly ranked by The Economist and have been placed as the No. 1 management consultant in the UK according to the Financial Times.

The client wished to secure business meetings with senior decision makers in primarily the Finance and Contracts/Commercial departments. The ideal business size was a turnover of £40 million or more and an internal motivation to review pricing strategies within the next 12 months.

The client preferred face to face meetings.

Our Solution

We applied our Total Prospect Management solution to a dataset of 5022 UK-wide prospects to identify opportunities, profile decision-makers and provide perfectly qualified face-to-face appointments

The Outcome

We have identified and profiled 3541 decision-makers and successfully secured 72 board level business meetings with, among many others, globally recognised FTSE100 construction companies; Leading logistics providers and engineering companies in a variety of industries.


Decision Makers Identified
Board-level Meetings Secured
Service Profile:
Strategic Thinking
Campaign Planning
Sales Advocacy