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Dominating the worldwide oil and gas industry


We work alongside a company who developed a software package to protect the integrity and safety of process critical systems where the impact of failure could have a catastrophic impact. They asked Broadley Speaking to help them build their business by mapping global corporations in particular in the oil and gas industry.


They gave us a list of company names they would love to do business with. We have mapped out every global corporation on the list, site by site, asset by asset, to provide a picture of the size and make up of their target markets.

We have established the dynamics within the complex buying groups, encompassing economical and technical buyers and specifiers and in each case located a sales “coach” within each target organisation.


This allowed our clients to have in-depth sales conversations with very senior and experienced process control professionals across a major multinational corporation. They are now fully entrenched in some of the largest global players such as Shell, BP and Woodside and we continue to work with them in order to develop their presence in Europe.

If your business operates worldwide, mapping global corporations is an essential activity and we have the skills to do it. Get in touch now to discuss your needs.

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