Creating New Business Opportunities for a Media Company -
Case Study

Creating New Business Opportunities for a Media Company


The client is a media company providing high-value business information, news, research and data for financial professionals in a wide range of industries. They cover specific markets in depth, producing insights that are not available anywhere else and deliver this intelligence through subscription-based online services, helping financial professionals to make the best decisions based on the strongest evidence.

They were looking for a partner to advocate their brand and expand their marketplace. They wanted new business opportunities deriving from appointments and demonstrations.


For a client who is engaged with delivering in-depth business intelligence, it was going to be essential that we would match their very high expectations about the intelligence we would deliver them. We agreed that we would work on a large dataset to fully profile accounts and identify where the best opportunities lie for our client and we would give them qualified appointments on a weekly basis.


After one year we have already exceeded all the agreed KPI’s, profiling 655 target companies and providing 33 fully qualified appointments with decision-makers.


“It was great to get in front of prospects which have been a target name for a while. This represents a great opportunity to get our foot in the door and win new subscribers against our competitors.”

“Broadley Speaking engaged with our prospect back in February and set a meeting up for us, there was already an agreed upon agenda and had been qualified by the Broadley Speaking team. The prospect signed a two year deal with us, securing us in them for the foreseeable future. Huge thanks to Broadley Speaking: without them, this simply would not have happened”

Fully Profiled Accounts
Service Profile:
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Sales Advocacy