Opening a new market in the USA Broadley Speaking
Case Study

Breaking into the world’s largest economy


Our client supplies fully integrated material handling systems and has installations throughout the world but were not present in the USA. When they decided to try opening a new market in the US, Broadley Speaking was engaged to profile key players in the US food and beverage manufacturing sector.


We started to build detailed profiles of relevant prospects, their sites, business units, decision making hierarchies and individual buyers and specifiers within them. This gave our client a previously unparalleled view of their prospects and allowed them to plan individual sales strategies within each market sector and individual prospects.

Our research showed that without a permanent presence in North America it would be difficult for our client to gain traction with their prospects so they decided to open an office in Philadelphia and a manufacturing plant in Mexico.


Our client is now fully operational in the US and in conversation with the companies we originally targeted and many more. This holistic approach led to a significant number of fully qualified appointments and a sales prospect pipeline that is measured in millions.


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Service Profile:
Strategic Thinking
Campaign Planning
Sales Advocacy